Welcome to Westchurch Homes

Westchurch Homes was founded by Richard Topham, with the simple aim of providing exclusive developments, with bespoke builds, in desirable locations across the North West.

Equipped with a degree in construction and surveying, Richard has over 30 years experience in the building of residential homes.

Matching Richard’s enthusiasm and initiative, are his supporting team and co-directors, all of whom are experienced building and financial professionals. They have created a solid foundation for the company which continues to offer to home owners a high quality product.

Westchurch Homes is unique from most other small, exclusive housing developers, in that they employ their own construction workforce, ensuring timescales and deadlines are met. Plus, they do not instruct the local estate agent to sell their properties, but utilise their own sales team, who offer a truly personalised service, both before and after completion.

Our homes are renown for quality craftsmanship, excellent specification, and overall spaciousness. Ideal for growing families and for those looking for a stylish, contemporary home with a traditional and bespoke design in aspirational locations.